FormScanner article on “The Physics Teacher”

2017-03-30 15_12_45-FormScanner_ Open-Source Solution for Grading Multiple-Choice Exams_ The Physics.png
In January it was published an interesting article on using FormScanner for grading students into the  journal “The Physics Teacher”

The Physics Teacher Article

Thanks to the co-authors Chadwick Young, Glenn Lo and Kaisa Young

The multiple-choice exam remains a staple for many introductory physics courses. In the past, people have graded these by hand or even flaming needles. Today, one usually grades the exams with a form scanner that utilizes optical mark recognition (OMR). Several companies provide these scanners and particular forms, such as the eponymous “Scantron.” OMR scanners combine hardware and software—a scanner and OMR program—to read and grade student-filled forms.

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