FormScanner is an OMR (Optical Mark Recognition) software that automatically marks multiple-choice papers.

Optical Mark Recognition (also called Optical Mark Reading and OMR) is the process of capturing human-marked data from document forms such as surveys and tests.

Formscanner is easy to use, effective, and completely free of cost and advertisements.FormScanner at work

FormScanner not bind you to use a default template of the form, but gives you the ability to use a custom template created from a simple scan of a blank form.

The modules can be scanned as images with a simple scanner and processed with FormScanner software.

All the collected information can be easily exported to a spreadsheet.

Users scan the forms and, in just a couple of steps, they have a spreadsheet with students scores, answers to individual questions, and detailed analysis of the class perfomance.

It is possible to download the source code and the binaries from SourceForge, follow the project and rate it. offers several other interesting tutorials and information on how to use FormScanner.

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