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FormScanner API 0.9.0 published on Maven Central Repository

Into the recent FormScanner 0.9.0 release I have exposed the core FormScanner functionalities through APIs, so why not to publish them to a Maven Repository for use into other open source projects? So I decided to publish the formscanner-api library on Sonatype Maven Central Repository. Using the Maven Central Search Engine you can find the FormScanner API repository where …

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FormScanner 0.9.0 released

Today I have released the new 0.9.0 version of FormScanner with some code refactoring and the API library, there are also some minor bug fixes: NEW FEATURES Exposed FormScanner core functionalities through APIs FIXES OutOfMemoryError scanning too many images Problems of accents in Portuguese language Enjoy scan you multple choice modules with FormScanner

FormScanner memory usage issue

Last week some FormScanner users reported to me an issue regarding huge memory usage. When scanning a relatively large number of modules FormScanner throws a java.lang.OutOfMemoryError exception. Nothing is to increase the memory used by the java virtual machine by setting the parameters -Xms and -Xmx or the heap space by setting the parameter -XX:PermGenSpace, …

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